Saturday 13 September 2014

Aurora pictures 12.09.14

Although the beginning of the night was not very promising, the sky being almost overcast, I managed to take a few pictures of the northern light this night. 

The sky started to clear up around 23:45 and some activity could be guessed behind the clouds.

As the last clouds were drifting from the western horizon towards Sodankylä, a diffuse aurora appeared in the south.

Around 1:15, a proper arc finally showed up, offering gorgeous displays of green and purple.

A few minutes later, a quite active arc appeared in the north. Unfortunately, it lasted only for a couple of minutes.

Slightly tired and feeling cold, I decided to stop hunting a bit after 2:00. Finally, this night's displays were not as impressive as I had hoped, but they were still worth staying up to enjoy them.

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