Thursday 11 September 2014

EISCAT, KAIRA and TomoScand experiment / CME Impact 14 UT Fri

As per the Wednesday X1.6 Flare, we expect the CME impact on Earth at ~14 UT Friday. Following experiments are in our task list (provided acceptance by EISCAT):

1. EISCAT ESR (Svalbard): will start up in the morning - run at least till midnight.
2. EISCAT Mainland - provided maintenance service completed and HQ acceptance:
  a) VHF MANDA D-region experiment, vertical, USRP sampling, EISCAT recording
  b) UHF BELLA F-region experiment, field-aligned, USRP sampling, EISCAT recording
3. KAIRA Riometry
4. FMI TomoScand ionospheric tomography (with COSMOS 2414 Satellite flyby ~14 UT over Tromsø + other viable flybys)

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