Wednesday 24 September 2014

Prior to sleet, snow and the white stuff

Right on... This is a rather personal web log posting. I don't like sleet, I don't like slush, I don't like soft grey skies... Hence, on Tuesday, we had nice crispy weather with clear skies and +4C degrees. Hence I and Derek went up to Oratunturi. This is the closest proper tunturi to Tähtelä, meaning that on the summit there are no trees (spruces, pines, birches).... Well... that's the definition - you may feel free to debate on the definition.

Hence, up we went and below you may find photos of the expedition. The sleet came ~12 hours after this trip... Follow-ups will follow, if we don't get depressed too badly....

Man with the cane and the 200-euro - Asics shoes - i.e. the "professional"!

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