Tuesday 4 January 2022

HISSA project develops new methods for the upcoming EISCAT_3D

HPC-approach to Ionospheric Situational Awareness (HISSA), a consortium between University of Helsinki, CSC and SGO/University of Oulu, is selected as one of the 7 projects to be funded under the Finnish Academy special programme targeted at the EuroHPC initiative, quantum computing and high-performance computing for the period 2022–2024!

EISCAT_3D measurement volumes at different altitudes (dashed lines).
SGO/University of Oulu team aims to develop new advanced high-power computing solutions for the EISCAT_3D radar to enable more accurate monitoring of the polar ionosphere and its dynamical coupling to the atmosphere. Moreover, the new EISCAT_3D methodologies will enable a better ground-truth validation approach for various satellite missions, as well as evermore comprehensive theoretical models, both aiming to measure/simulate the global dynamical coupling between the space weather and the atmosphere. 

We are excited to start this project now in the beginning of 2022, to get ready for the upcoming EISCAT_3D era!

For more information on the project, please contact us