Thursday 4 September 2014

X-band weather radar installation continues

Yesterday and today, we have assembled transmit/receive system for our experimental X-band weather radar. The system is based on two USRP N210 software -defined radios with Basic Rx and Tx daughterboards. A cylinder Mac titled "Freud" is used for control and data analysis.

We have now proceeded to the point, where we have successfully transmitted and received signals. However, as this a weather radar experiment, we simply see the signal jumping directly from Tx to Rx. Hence, we are waiting for "good" weather, which in this case means rain.

First received signal.

During the installation, we were asked to make proper safety arrangements. I used this possibility to purchase my very first blinking orange light (typically used in professional vehicles and alike). This is to show when the radar is operational and when not. In addition, for amusement, I purchased a "siren" :) !!!

Safety items and the transmit/receive system.

We will report further development as soon as we get a proper target!!

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