Saturday 27 September 2014

Esoteric programming languages: Brainfuck, ArnoldC, Shakespeare etc

Yesterday, I was browsing through the world of esoteric programming languages, these include e.g. Brainfuck, ArnoldC, Shakespeare and alike. On the contrary to C/C++, R or some other high-level languages, esolangs are made for fun and to challenge people. Writing a simple 'Hello World' with Brainfuck is a bit tedious - I tried writing the word 'image' and the output was:
"++++++++[>++++[>++>+++>+++>+<<<<-]>+>+>->>+[<]<-]>> >+.++++.------------. ++++++.--."

Well this is rather tedious. An easy way to implement Brainfuck software is to use an R-interpreter - click here!

The second weird language is the ArnoldC, a programming language which uses Arnold Schwarzenegger bunchlines, i.e. 'I'LL BE BACK', 'HASTA LA VISTA, BABY' or 'YOU HAVE BEEN TERMINATED' -- and yes,.. all in CAPS!

There's quite many other esoteric programming languages, hence you can go for Shakespeare or Chicken. If you are bored this weekend and looking for some programming fun, I truly recommend these languages!

Edit: After writing this web log posting, Petteri told about the 'The Unlambda Programming Language'. Petteri's version for the "10 goto 10" in the Unlambda: "```sii``sii" or without the identity mapping "```s``skk``skk``s``skk``skk".

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