Thursday 23 October 2014

Greetings from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia!

The interested audience
SGO team is back in business in Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia! This time, it’s only me and Antti taking part in the expedition. The first effort was to install a spectral riometer. This effort was covered in a previous web log posting. The instrument is now running and we hope to get some results, especially as we had an X-class solar flare yesterday evening at ~17.00 LT. However, we have still some technicalities with the instrument, so it’s bit nerve-racking.

This week, we have given a series of seminar talks and will continue with the talks also next week. On Friday afternoon, we will have the traditional football Finland vs. Ethiopia - let’s see who will win the ‘classic’! This will be 4th match, the first one was played in 2011; and then new matches in 2011 and 2012. Ethiopia has won two of these 

Lassi talking ionospheric tomography
Antti will depart back to Finland next week Wednesday, but I will stay all the way until November 14. My purpose is to submit one paper, which we have been doing with Abiyot. We have couple other manuscripts in preparation. Hence, it will be a good paper writing session! In addition to this, we have learned that our US colleagues are coming down to Bahir Dar early November to install the VHF coherent backscatter radar. So, I am hoping to have a chat with them also.

Antti talking on ionosphere, magnetic fields and electrons

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