Friday 3 October 2014

Acronyms in Science

This week, a SGO1 delegation has been spending a couple of days in Oulu. Objectives: sort out study requirement issues for PhD students, discuss about optical measurements, visit the mathematics department, spend a day to brainstorm ideas for the ongoing science projects and even take a course. 

Waiting for the green light

In the process, we inherited an old instrument which will certainly make a blog post on its own in the near future and we visited the SGO Oulu group.


We dedicated the whole yesterday to discuss Derek's and my PhD projects, as all three involved supervisors were present. Many burning issues – such as ECTS2 credits harvesting, follow-up group meetings, DTP3 and PSP4 submission – have been clarified, and still, we had time to discuss about science. I dare say that it was quite a fruitful day.

Among the science topics, Derek presented very exciting results about riometer interferometry using the LBA5 array of KAIRA6, while I introduced the radio-occultation model on which I have been working and about which I am about to submit my first paper (see picture). We also quite extensively discussed about the ongoing study of the high-latitude ionosphere response to solar wind HSSs7. More about these studies and results in the coming weeks' posts.

Today, Derek is taking the Introduction to Doctoral Training course, organised by UniOGS8. As we will be heading back to Sodankylä in a few hours, he will follow the afternoon session online via Connect-Pro. Provided the 3G connection will be good enough in the car...

1Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
2European Credits Transfer System
3Doctoral Training Plan
4Personal Study Plan
5Low-Band Antenna
6Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array
7High-Speed Streams
8University of Oulu Graduate School

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