Sunday 26 October 2014

Ethiopia vs. Finland: 6-4

Group photo of both teams! (Photo by Atte Penttilä)
The 'classic' football match, Ethiopia vs Finland took place on Saturday afternoon in the Bahir Dar University stadium. Ethiopia scored 6 times, and Finland 4 times, hence, the better team won. This was the 4th match in row since 2011 and the all-time score is for Ethiopia 3-1! This is a great tradition and a nice weekend entertainment.

I am sure that Finland will win next year ;) !!

Hiipivä piilokärki, piilotettu lohikäärme
Finnish 'libero'!

Preparations for the match!

... and here's the stadium and match in progress.

This year, we did not have much audience...

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