Friday 27 February 2015

Drying cages of Tähtelä

During the early spring in Lappland, as the Sun gets higher and daytime temperatures rise, strange cages of chicken wire start appearing on balconies and outside houses.  These contain strips of reindeer meat which have been salted and hung up to dry for a few weeks.  Weather conditions are supposed to be variable for this process, with generally positive temperatures in the daytime but going below freezing at night.  With the rather mild weather of late, a few of us in Tähtelä have already started.

As you can see, the size and shapes of the home-constructed cages (needed to keep the birds away), and quantity and type of reindeer used varies quite substantially from the 5kg of reindeer hearts to a piece of steak.  The results will be ready in a few weeks!

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