Wednesday 11 July 2018

Start of the Northern Lights Season

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Almost three weeks after the summer solstice, we start to get questions regarding when the Northern Lights can be seen again after the Polar Day. The answer depends on where you are: the further south you are, the earlier it will get dark enough.

How dark does it need to be? Our scientific cameras operate when the Sun is at least 10° below the horizon. However, if there are particularly bright Northern Lights, you might be able to see them already earlier.

The map above shows the days on which the Sun will be at least 10° below the horizon in Finland. Be aware, however, that due to summer time (daylight saving time), the darkest time of the night is around 01:00h in Finland.

Note further, that our scientific cameras will not necessarily be back on location on the first day that it is dark enough. Their annual maintenance might well delay the schedule.

Map and text: Thomas Ulich, SGO.

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