Thursday 26 March 2015

The Solar Eclipse from KAIRA

Rather unusually for Kilpisjärvi and completely unexpectedly for this of all days, the day of the solar eclipse dawned with clear blue skies and sunshine!  What's more it stayed clear throughout the eclipse!  A group of Spanish visitors also came along to view the eclipse from the KAIRA station and enjoy the spectacular scenery around.  As the eclipse progressed, the light gradually faded, giving the appearance of the approach of sunset although the Sun was approaching it's highest, and the temperature cooled.

Just ten minutes before maximum eclipse and everything was looking great.

And then the power went....


We lost more than two hours of KAIRA data from maximum until after the eclipse had finished.  The data before and after look great and initial analyses suggest that it still could be a very interesting dataset.  Which of course just makes the power outage at exactly the time it happened only the more frustrating.

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