Thursday 19 March 2015

Eclipse live on 20th March

On Friday, 20th March 2015, there will be a solar eclipse, which can be seen as a partial eclipse (about 90% coverage) from Lapland if weather permits and it isn't cloudy. We will webcast the eclipse live as discussed previously. If the weather is cloudy, we will show the effect on the landscape, i.e. how dark it will really get.

You can follow the event on our web server at this address: At Sodankylä, the eclipse will begin at 11:08 h and end at 13:18 h reaching its maximum of just over 90% coverage at 12:13 h (all times East European Time EET).

Warning: Do not look at the Sun without special protecting solar folio or eclipse glasses! If you intend to use welding goggles, make sure they are at least factor 14 or darker (according to recommendation of the URSA Astronomical Association), and even with these glasses, one should not look at the Sun continuously for more than a few minutes! Standard welding glasses are typically 9 to 11 darkness, which is not enough! The sunlight can destroy your eyes, and you won't notice it at the time of observation, but only afterwards.

The Royal Astronomical Society has a comprehensive guide on-line on how to watch the Sun safely, e.g. with filters or pinholes.

Suomeksi: Tietoa pimennyksesta Suomeksi: URSA:n sivuilla. Pimennys voi seurata livenä osoitteella jos pilvitilanne sallii.

Lue myöskin Lapin kanssa täällä.

Animation: Thomas Ulich.

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