Friday 16 January 2015

XVII Northern Lapland Education Fair

It's a mid-January tradition in Sodankylä, that the local vocational school organises the annual Northern Lapland Education Fair. For the 17th time, the fair took place yesterday, 15th January 2015, and of course the University of Oulu, of which Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory is an independent department, took part as well.

The university had their trademark bright-yellow stand deployed, and Kimmo Kuortti (left) and Uula Neitola (right) were happily overwhelmed by the interest, running out of brochures all too soon. A big thank you to all the young people of Sodankylä and Northern Lapland, who showed their interest and asked a lot of questions! Next year there'll be more brochures available!

Among other examples of vocational educational programmes are the machine operators, who displayed their skills by carefully moving a long stick around using a mini digger.

Also the local Kevitsa mine was represented recruiting trainees and students looking for summer jobs.

A final example of the fair's exhibits is this computer, which is a realistic simulator of a forestry machine.

The next educational fair will take place in January 2016. If you want to know more about studying at the University of Oulu, please visit their web site at


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