Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas is coming ... Kilpisjärvi/KAIRA power failure

We had a bit nervous day with KAIRA operations. KAIRA went silent around 10-11 am (LT). We learned  that this was due to a power line failure ~20 km north of Kaaresuvanto. The reason was a broken power line. Some other structures had failed also. Apparently in that region there has been freezing rain and heavy snowfall. Hence, frost in the power lines and the power failure. Here’s the news in Finnish about the Kilpisjärvi/KAIRA power failure: http://www.iltasanomat.fi/kotimaa/art-1419313726115.html

Finnish Meteorological Institute's Kilpisjärvi observations.
KAIRA came back online a bit after 20:00 LT. Hence, we are rather happy that we do not need to drive up to Kilpisjärvi for maintenance operations in Christmas Eve. It has been really cold in Kilpisjärvi during the last days. Temperature has dropped down to around -30 C. Despite of the ~10 hour power break. KAIRA survived and the operational temperature was 8.30 C when KAIRA came back online.
KAIRA operational temperature
at ~20:20 LT.

One interesting news: 2016 there will be a new 45 kV power transmission line. The current 20 kV line will serve as a back-up line thereafter. Hence, looking forward to an upgraded power service in the near future!

... and Merry Christmas!!

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