Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bahir Dar visit 2014 ... concluding remarks

I flew back to Finland in the weekend and now back at SGO office. On the contrary to the lush Bahir Dar, in Sodankylä it's winter and 'Grey17'. However, fortunately no slush :) !

Altogether, it was four weeks at the physics and math departments of Bahir Dar University. In addition, before travelling to BDU, I was one week at La Sapienza in Rome, Italy. So, five weeks abroad.

The BC/BDU coherent backscatter radar build
To conclude the science and education done at BDU: We have the BDU riometer running. We did give a series of lectures with Antti. We had good progress in our paper writing sessions with the local people. Hence, quite a nice visit. In addition, it was good to see the Boston College and Bahir Dar University coherent backscatter radar construction. Supposedly, we can also run some of our own tests with this radar, but this has to be further discussed with radar owners. As the radar has a solid-state transmitter, we should be able to run perfect-coded experiments. For the theory of perfect-coding techniques, see our series of papers in Inverse Problems and Imaging:
  1. M. Lehtinen, B. Damtie, P. Piiroinen and M. OrispääPerfect and almost perfect pulse compression codes for range spread radar targets, Inverse Problems and Imaging, 3 465-486 (2009).
  2. L. Roininen and M. Lehtinen, Perfect pulse-compression coding via ARMA algorithms and unimodular transfer functions, Inverse Problems and Imaging, 7 649-661 (2013).
  3. L. Roininen, M. Lehtinen, P. Piiroinen and I. VirtanenPerfect Radar Pulse Compression via Unimodular Fourier Multipliers, Inverse Problems and Imaging, 8 831-844 (2014).
Thank you for all the folks at BDU and hope to come back soon again :) !!

... and here we feature some photos of the BC/BDU radar construction!

Radar under construction!
Here's the 16 kW solid-state amp + receiver system
And here's the antenna field on Friday... Still under construction!

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