Thursday 28 August 2014

Physics seminar talk, Univ Oulu, 13:15

Today, in the main campus of the University of Oulu, Department of Physics at 13:15, I will talk in the space physics seminar series about my own research. I will concentrate on showing how we study geophysical experiments and data analysis as problems in applied mathematics.


Geophysical experiments and data analysis as problems in applied mathematics

We give a brief overview of the recent advances of the mathematical theory of ionospheric radar and tomography measurements and geophysical time-series analysis. We start by the comparison of measurements of radar experiments, which is the basic starting point for finding mathematical limits of radar experiments. Then we show how to use Gaussian Markov random fields and stable distributions as priors for Bayesian inversion and apply the developed methodology to ionospheric tomography. Experiment results of the new ionospheric tomography network "TomoScand" will be shown. Finally we proceed to the modern time-series analysis, the dynamic linear models and apply the methodology to Sodankylä ionosonde hmF2 analysis.

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