Auroral Cameras

Real-time cameras operated by SGO

Aurora borealis, the northern lights, are visible during the nighttime provided suitable geomagnetic conditions and clear sky. Please check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" list for more information.

Green line image at 557.7nm, updated 1/min.

UCL Colour Imager, updated every 2 minutes.

White light (no filter) image, updated once per 15 min.

Abisko EMCCD imager, red line 630.0 nm, normalised 8 bit.

Abisko EMCCD imager, green line 557.7 nm, normalised 8 bit.

Abisko EMCCD imager, blue line 427.8 nm, normalised 8 bit.

Time-lapse web cams:

Our web cams have been taken down for the summer. We plan to install a new set in autumn.

Site-Eye time-lapse camera "Sky", looking north-west, updated every 2-3 minutes.

Site-Eye time-lapse camera "River", looking west, updated every 2-3 minutes.