Thursday 14 September 2017

Virkistyspäivä at Paavon Polku

Sometimes, there is no need to go very far to have a great time in beautiful nature. Today, for SGO staff, it was virkistyspäivä, in other words a working day partly spent outdoors to strengthen the friendly atmosphere between colleagues. It was decided to go to Paavon Polku, a short (about 2 km) nature trail just a couple of kilometers away from the observatory.

Besides enjoying the autumn colours (ruska) along the pleasant trail, picking berries and watching birds, we grilled sausages by the laavu (lean-to shelter) and had a delicious lunch — and coffee, of course.

It is really so that simple things are often the best! Happy autumn to all our followers from the northern hemisphere!

Pictures: M. Grandin

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