Monday, 28 August 2017

Auroral season starting in Lapland

The all-sky imager at SGO has already been in operation some nights for testing and is now available online. Last night was first with clear sky and nice aurora activity. Camera was in operation about 3 hours starting from  23:15LT and nights are getting longer fast. See:

Aurora arc above Sodankylä at 23:42LT.

SGO has also meteor camera next to the iCCD camera in collaboration with IRF and Eric Stempels from University of Uppsala, who has developed the detection software. ( See more: )

Sometimes fast moving aurora arc triggers the meteor detection software and stores high resolution capture of the event.

2.2 seconds sample of fast moving aurora arc form SGO meteor camera captured on 27 Aug at 19:58UT. 

Present space weather status in Finland can be easily monitored from FMI's space weather and Auroras Now! web pages based on IMAGE and MIRACLE data sources. SGO magnetometer and optical observations are part of the IMAGE and MIRACLE consortiums.

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