Friday 13 November 2015

International Incoherent Scatter Radar School 2016

In the near future the EISCAT Scientific Association will face a major instrumental upgrade with the ESFRI Roadmap project "EISCAT_3D: A European Three-Dimensional Imaging Radar for Atmospheric and Geospace Research."

The NSF and EISCAT, in co-operation with the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, will run a training course for new users of the incoherent scatter radars, from 24 to 30 July 2016 (Sunday to Saturday). The training course will be held in Sodankylä, where one of the EISCAT VHF remote sites is located.

The course will cover all essential aspects of the current incoherent scatter radar systems, including the science programme. An overview of the existing hardware and software was provided and future plans will be discussed, with an emphasis on phased array radars in preparation of EISCAT_3D.

The course will have a very strong emphasis on practicals, i.e. work in groups of participants on real data. There will be dedicated radar experiments for every group, and the groups will analyse their data and present their results under the guidance of an experienced team of instructors.

For more information, please refer to the radar school web pages.

Deadlines for registration are still undetermined, and we will provide more information soon.

Photo: Craig Heinselman, EISCAT.

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