Wednesday 17 June 2015

Congratulations, Dr Lassi Roininen!

On 16th June, 2015, at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, Dr Lassi Roininen successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled "Discretisation-invariant and computationally efficient correlation priors for Bayesian inversion."

Sincere congratulations to you, Lassi, and all the best for your future career!

The opponents were Professor Håvard Rue of NTNU/Trondheim, Norway, and Professor Jouko Lampinen of Aalto University, Finland. The defence was chaired by Professor Markku Lehtinen.

After the formal defence ceremony, everyone was invited first for coffee and excellent cake, and later in the evening the traditional "karonkka" commenced with lots of good food, drink, live music, drink, tinned music, drink, sauna, drink, more sauna... – and a good time was had until the early hours of the next morning.

By the way, for members of the Finnish Inverse Problems Society (FIPS) there are two doctoral hats, the top hat with with the insignia of the University, and then the even more prestigious hat issued by FIPS, which is different for every new PhD. The photo shows Lassi starting to relax after the coffee event wearing the white hard hat of a team leader. Quite a good choice!

Photo: Mikko Orispää.

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