Friday 17 April 2015

GyroDIF at the geomagnetic observatory

This week colleagues from Dourbes, the geophysical Centre of the Royal Meteorological Institute, Belgium have been testing their autoDIF-instrumentation in Sodankylä. DI-instruments are used for measuring of the declination and inclination of the Earth's magnetic field and observations are used for controlling of the baselines of the magnetometers.

Traditionally the directions of the DI-instruments are defined by using well defined azimuth mark, but in this instrument true north is defined by the gyroscope. The purpose of the visit was testing of the gyro at the high latitudes more near the North pole of the Earth. Same time the instrument did automatic DI measurements at the absolute house of the geomagnetic observatory.

Together with the GyroDIF tests also WiDiF instrument installed to the BOIF theodolite was compared to the observations made by SGO's DI-instrument (Zeiss 010A theodolite with DMI fluxgate sensor). Unfortunately, the geomagnetic storm launched by the high speed event arrived on 15 March made observations conditions more difficult even the residual method is used for measurements. More about test results later…

GyroDIF and traditional DI-fluxgate instruments at the pillars of the absolute house of geomagnetic observatory of SGO.

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